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The Respiratory System at a Glance, 4th Edition
Authors: Jeremy P. T. Ward, Jane Ward, Richard M. Leach
Pages:      Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781118761076
Wiley Blackwell   2015
List Price:  $36.99- $45.00

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   Medical Science Books Book Review:

     The at a glance series made popular by Wiley Blackwell publishing remains a mainstay in the  ever expanding list of quick study resources intended for use by medical trainees and practicing professionals in need of a quick refresher. Now in its 4th edition, The Respiratory System at a Glance remains and excellent option for those in need of a broad perspective on respiratory physiology and basic pathophysiology.

     Those familiar with the series will recognize the “two page” format allotted to each topic with a left and right sided page containing relevant information and diagrams/photos. One of the strengths of this book is the integration of the text and illustrative aids. As one might imagine, trying to convey essential information on topics like ventilation-perfusion mismatch within the confines of two pages can be quite challenging. The authors have taken on this challenge by including images and diagrams which are quite effective at communicating complex information for the large majority of topics. The text that accompanies the illustrations flows well given the need for extreme conciseness and represents essential information one might judiciously highlight while going through more comprehensive chapters. 

     Medical students will continue to benefit from this updated version of  The Respiratory System at a Glance which is hard to beat for those interested in a quick review of essential topics in pulmonary physiology and medicine prior to course or board examinations. Upper level trainees and practicising physicians will also find this book to contain excellent review information, however this text can also be used as a guide to integrating topics for teaching on the wards.

-Joseph V. Russo, MD

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From the publisher:

Preface to fourth edition vii

Units and symbols ix

List of abbreviations xi

About the companion website xiii

Part 1 Structure and function 1

1 Structure of the respiratory system: lungs, airways and dead space 2

2 The thoracic cage and respiratory muscles 4

3 Pressures and volumes during normal breathing 6

4 Gas laws 8

5 Diffusion 10

6 Lung mechanics: elastic forces 12

7 Lung mechanics: airway resistance 14

8 Carriage of oxygen 16

9 Carriage of carbon dioxide 18

10 Acid–base balance 20

11 Acid–base disorders 22

12 Control of breathing I: chemical mechanisms 24

13 Control of breathing II: neural mechanisms 26

14 Pulmonary circulation and anatomical right-to-left shunts 28

15 Ventilation–perfusion mismatching 30

16 Exercise, altitude and diving 32

17 Development of the respiratory system and birth 34

18 Complications of development and congenital disease 36

19 Lung defence mechanisms 38

20 Immunology of the lung 40

Part 2 History, examination and investigation 43

21 History and examination 44

22 Pulmonary function tests 46

23 Chest imaging and bronchoscopy 48

Part 3 Diseases and treatment 51

24 Public health and smoking 52

25 Respiratory failure 54

26 Asthma: pathophysiology 56

27 Asthma: treatment 58

28 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 60

29 Pulmonary hypertension 62

30 Venous thromboembolism and pulmonary embolism 64

31 Pulmonary involvement in vasculitis 66

32 Diffuse parenchymal (interstitial) lung diseases 68

33 Sarcoidosis 70

34 Pleural diseases 72

35 Occupational and environmental-related lung disease 74

36 Cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis 76

37 Pneumothorax 78

38 Community-acquired pneumonia 80

39 Hospital-acquired (nosocomial) pneumonia 82

40 Pulmonary tuberculosis 84

41 The immune-compromised patient 86

42 Lung cancer 88

43 Acute respiratory distress syndrome 90

44 Mechanical ventilation 92

45 Oxygenation and oxygen therapy 94

46 Sleep apnoea 96

Index 98

From the publisher:

The Respiratory System at a Glance has been thoroughly updated in line with current practice guidelines and new techniques to provide a highly illustrated and comprehensive guide to normal lung structure and function, as well as associated pathophysiology. Each topic has been fully revised and is accompanied by clear diagrams to encapsulate essential knowledge.

Reflecting changes to the content, teaching and assessment methods used in medical education, this new edition now includes more information on acid base and its clinical ramifications, further detail on defence mechanisms and immunology, and also features online access to clinical cases and flashcards. 

The Respiratory System at a Glance:
• Integrates basic and clinical science – ideal for integrated and systems-based courses
• Includes both the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of the respiratory system
• Is fully revised and updated to reflect current practice guidelines and new therapies
• Provides online clinical cases, brand new flashcards, and MCQs 
• Includes a companion website at www.ataglanceseries.com/respiratory featuring interactive multiple choice questions and digital flashcards


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