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Public health ethics is a discipline concerned with the health of the public or a population as a whole, rather than focusing on the individual. This book introduces a number of this new field's central concepts and explores the key and controversial issues arising. Topics covered include the nature of public health ethics, the concepts of disease and prevention, risk and precaution, health inequalities and justice, screening, vaccination and disease control, smoking and issues relating to the environment and public health. With insightful contributions from leading experts, Public Health Ethics presents thought-provoking reviews of these topics, at the same time as encouraging and identifying areas for future discussion in this emerging discipline. This is a valuable addition to the library of anyone working in the fields of public health, health policy, ethics, philosophy and social science.

Table of Contents:

Introduction Angus Dawson
Part I. Concepts: 1. Resetting the parameters: public health as the foundation for public health ethics Angus Dawson
2. Health, disease and the goal of public health Bengt Brülde
3. Selective reproduction, eugenics and public health Stephen Wilkinson
4. Risk and precaution Stephen John
Part II. Issues: 5. Smoking, health and ethics Richard Ashcroft
6. Infectious disease control Marcel Verweij
7. Population screening Ainsley Newson
8. Vaccination ethics Angus Dawson
9. Environment, ethics and public health: the climate change dilemma Anthony Kessel and Carolyn Stephens
10. Public health research ethics: is non-exploitation the new principle for population-based research ethics? John McMillan
11. Equity and population health: toward a broader bioethics agenda Norman Daniels
12. Health inequities James Wilson


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