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Your privacy is important, and we respect that.

We do not sell or share any registered user's contact information with other companies.  Your personal information is safe with us and will only be used for communications from MedicalScienceBooks .com.    Customers of our medical book store have the option of receiving emails about special offers, and we send these offers and notices out directly from our office. 

Some bits of  information may be recorded via cookies from our advertisers.  These cookies could record information such as your numeric IP address, location, and browsing trends.  

If you would like to disable cookies, you can do this by setting your internet options to override and not accept third party cookies. 

In internet explorer, click on "tools", then click "internet options".  When you get there, click on the "privacy" tab and click "advanced".  Now, you will be able to select "override automatic cookie handling" and select your custom preferences for cookies.

  Any statistical information received by our server is privately stored on the server. We use this information to improve our services, website performance, advertising efforts, and other administrative and technical odds and ends.  No information collected from customers, readers, or visitors is used maliciously by MedicalScienceBooks.com.

If you are concerned, contact us with your question.



Become a Reviewer!
We are recruiting medical professionals from all specialties to review books and products in exchange for FREE BOOKS AND PRODUCTS!   Serious inquiries only.  Reviewers will be expected to return quality reviews within 30-45 days and will be given guidelines to help with writing the review.    If you would like to review books for us, please email us your qualifications at medicalscience books@ yahoo. com.  We do not pay reviewers.  Please, do not ask for monetary compensation. 



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